Package Receiving in Calais, Maine

Canadians looking for US address
“We help Canadians save thousands of dollars when shopping online by providing you with a US Shipping Address in Calais, Maine”
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Atlantic Canadians love a good bargain, and most of us take at least an annual shopping trip down to cities from Bangor to Boston. We’ve built this website to show you how you can take advantage of the best deals from all over the United States. You can shop from the comfort of your own home, and then not have to drive any further south than the border crossing from New Brunswick into Calais, Maine.

Who We Are

AN Deringer partnered with Kinek to provide you with a US Shipping Address and package receiving service just across the border in Calais, Maine. Both of these locations have the capabilities to accept packages of any size and weight with forklift service and loading docks.  AN Deringers is located only a few feet past the bridge from St. Stephen, NB.

Why Ship to the Border?

Unfortunately many American online retailers don’t ship to Canada.  AN Deringer will offer you your very own US Shipping Address which will open up hundreds of new possibilities for the Canadian online shopper.  Even those that will ship to Canada often charge hefty international shipping and brokerage fees when you want to have something shipped across the border to you. By using one of these two locations as your US Shipping Address you can avoid those fees and the great deal you found online will still be a great deal after you’ve finished paying all the shipping costs. So as you can see those are just a couple ways that you can easily save hundreds of dollars by Shipping to Calais!

About Kinek

When you ship to AN Deringer you know that your packages will be taken care of in a secure and professional manner.  Kinek has a nationwide network of over 1000 KinekPoints as well as 18 border locations specifically designed to meet the needs of the Canadian consumer.  Kinek has been helping consumers like you save thousands of dollars by offering convenient, secure and reliable package receiving in not only Calais but in many other border towns across the country.  There are no sign up or monthly fees, you only pay per package.  If this sounds like something that interests you go to to sign up and start shipping to your border KinekPoint now!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us.